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Southwest Mississippi EPA is upgrading mechanical and legacy digital meters with digital meters equipped with Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI). AMI allows SWEPA the ability to take advantage of emerging SmartGrid technologies. SWEPA is committed to environmental impact and awareness by recycling all replaced meters. Meter change out areas are determined by an internal route identifier. Service crews comprised of SWEPA employees and Metadigm Services will be replacing existing meters within these routes within the schedule listed below.

Deployment Contractor
LEPs services/ Metadigm Services
General Facts
AMI Facts
Route Location
Large Map 18" x 24"   4,147 KB
Small Map 8½" x 11"  841 KB
Deployment Schedule
December 14th - 23rd Route 92
December 21st - 30th Route 60, 63, & 64
January 3rd - 10th Route 61
January 11th - 16th Route 62
January 17th - 24th Route 70
January 25th - 27th Route 31
February 1st - 7th Route 10
February 8th - 10th Route 71
February 13th - 17th Route 72
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