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SWEPA offers two methods for reporting outages; via phone or web.

Please call 1-800-287-8564

Select option 1 "if you need to report an outage press 1"
Verify Outage type
Option 0 "To report a security light press 0."
Option 2 "To report an outage, press 2."
Option 0 "To speak to an operator, press 0."
Option 9 "To repeat this menu, press 9."
Locate the account you are calling about
Option 1 "To enter a phone number, press 1."
Option 2 "To enter an account number, press 2."
Option 3 "To enter a meter number, press 3."
Additional Information
"If you have no further information concerning this outage, you may hang up at any time."
Option 1 "If you heard a loud bang, press 1."
Option 2 "If a pole is down, press 2."
Option 3 "If a tree is on a line, press 3."
Option 4 "If there is a line down, press 4."


SmartHub is an online website where you can manage your account and report outages.

SmartHub Website
Home -> Quick Links -> Report an outage
My Profile -> Outages -> Report and outage
SmartHub Phone
Service Status -> Report an Outage -> Select Account -> Optional - Add Comments -> Submit
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